Conferences: Glenn Jordan

Plenary addresses (International Conferences)

2007: “Resisting Jim Crow: Memories of American Servicemen in Cardiff Docklands during the Second World War.” To be presented in conference on “Transatlantic Exchange: African Americans and the Celtic Nations” at Swansea University, Mar 07.

2002: “Photographing Difference with a Humanist Lens: Picture Post in Tiger Bay.” Plenary speaker (sponsored by British Council) at “Selves at Home, Selves in Exile,” 7th Cultural Studies Symposium at Ege University, Izmir, Turkey. May 02.

2001: “Why People from ‘Tiger Bay’ Like Bert Hardy’s Photographs: The Humanist Photography of Picture Post and the Cultural Politics of Racialised Representation.” Keynote lecture at Fifth International English Culture Conference (Theme: “Culture and Freedom”), Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Nov 01.


2006: “Re-membering the African-American Past: James Van Der Zee, Langston Hughes, Aaron Douglas and Black Art of the Harlem Renaissance.” Presented in panel on “Collective Memory” at 2006 Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference in Istanbul.

2005: Glenn Jordan and Chris Weedon, “Race, War & Memory: Marginalised Narratives of WWII from Multi-Ethnic Cardiff Docklands.” Presented in Seminar on “War : Memory : Postcoloniality” at Goldsmiths College, University of London, 9th December 2005, organised by Goldsmiths Sociology Department with the Unit for Global Justice and the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process (CSISP) in conjunction with a seminar series on Art:Conflict:Justice.

2005: “Made in Wales: Complex Identities from Cardiff.” Presented at Celtic Folk Studies Conference, Cardiff University, July 2005.

2004: “The Somali Elders Project: Humanist Photography as Portraiture and Cultural Politics.” Presented in Session on “Humanist Photography” at the Second International Language – Communication – Culture Conference, Beja, Portugal, Nov. 04.

2004: “Subversive Ethnography in Cardiff Bay: A Project of Engaged, Community-based Cultural Studies”. Presented at Fifth Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 04.

2003: “‘We Never Really Noticed You Were Coloured’: Postcolonialist Reflections on Immigrants and Minorities in Wales.” Presented at “Cultural Studies in the World Today”, 9th International “Culture and Power” Conference of the Iberian Association for Cultural Studies, Lisbon, University of Lisbon and Faculty of Letters, Nov 03.

2002: “Towards a People’s Museum in Cardiff Bay?: Butetown History & Arts Centre.” Presented at ESRC European Ethnology Symposium, Cardiff, Sept 02.

2002: “Race, Cultural Politics and the Humanist Photographer’s Lens: Picture Post in Tiger Bay.” Presented in “(White) Britishness and Its Racialised Others” at 4th Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, Tampere, Finland, July 02.

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