Other work: Glenn Jordan

Professional journals

G. Jordan (2003). “History, Cultural Democracy and Regeneration: Butetown History & Arts Centre.” Bevin Foundation Review, issue 2, spring, 58-61.

G. Jordan (2000). “Where Is Cultural Studies Today?” Adean (journal of the Asociacion Española de Estudios Anglo-Norte Americanos; published by the Universidad Nacional de Educacíon Distancia.in Madrid), Nov. 2000: 99-111.

G. Jordan (1983). “Time, Space and Basic Research Questions in the Major Writings of St. Clair Drake.” Notes from the ABA, quarterly publication of the Association of Black Anthropologists, vol. 9, nos. 1 and 2.

Academic internet sites

G. Jordan (2004). “Where Is Cultural Studies Today?” Published on the website of the Iberian Association of Cultural Studies (www.ibacs.com.sapo.pt). Originally published in Adean (journal of the Asociacion Española de Estudios Anglo-Norte Americanos), Nov. 2000.

Short works

G. Jordan (2005), “Rhagair / Foreword”. In Alan Llwyd, Cmyru Ddu / Black Wales: A History. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre and S4C.

G. Jordan (1998), “Discourse Theory”. In Tom Barfield, editor, The Blackwel Dictionary of Anthropology. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

G. Jordan and Molly Maher (1993), “On the History of Cardiff Docklands”. In Mike Johnson, Old Cardiff Winds: Songs from Cardiff Bay and Far Beyond. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre, pp. 2-3.

Invited lectures (since 2001)

In my role as a public intellectual, I deliver dozens of lectures each year to a wide variety of groups, including university students, high school students, museum workers, inter-faith groups, Black and ethnic minority groups, retired civil servants, etc. Below I list some recent formal lectures given in university settings.

2006: “Birth of the Black Subject: Art, Memory and ‘New Negro’ Identity in 1920s America.” Invited lecture to the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Nov 06.

2006: “Race, Memory and the Second World War: A People’s History Project in Cardiff Docklands.” A presentation in the Memory, History and Society Seminar Series, University of Aberdeen, May 06.

2006: “Photography and the Aesthetics and Ethics of Evidence: A Case Study from Butetown History & Arts Centre in Cardiff.” Three-hour lecture/workshop presented in “The Global City and Media Ethnography: Dublin Summer School in Practice-led Transcultural Research and Media Practice” (a project of the Department of Culture and Communication and the Visual Culture Programme, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University in collaboration with the Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Dublin Institute of Technology), June 06.

2005: “On Photographing ‘Others’: The Somali Elders Project in Cardiff Docklands.” Presented a summer school on documentary photography (with students from the University of Southern Mississippi), King’s College, University of London, Jun 05.

2001: “Photographing Difference through a Humanist Lens: Picture Post in Tiger Bay.” Invited lecture to the Cardiff Critical Theory Seminar, Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University, November 2001.

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