Dr Robert Campbell
Dr Robert Campbell graduated with a first class honours degree from Exeter University and became a newspaper reporter in Hertfordshire. His press career from then involved freelancing on national titles, and sub-editing and management roles on regional daily newspapers, for example as features editor on the Western Daily Press. He gained an MA in Mass Communications, and took two breaks out of journalism: one as an English teacher in Spain and Oman, and the other as a government press officer. He joined the university a decade ago and recently completed his PhD while managing the broadcasting and journalism subject area. He maintains his practice as a columnist for a daily newspaper, and as a feature writer.

Dr Peter Jachimiak
Employing an auto-ethnographic approach, Peter Jachimiak’s interests are to do with children’s cultures of the 1970s and 1980s and the way in which cultural artefacts of childhood, from those two decades, manifested themselves within the wider cultural geographies of the time. As such, his current work explores, on one hand, ‘children, spectralities and ghost cultures’, and, on the other, ‘utopia, dystopia, and science fiction aimed at children and young adults.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson has been working at the university as the Community Radio Tutor since January 2002. He has presented every radio show on the schedule, ranging from breakfast Shows to overnights for various radio stations, including Red Dragon FM, Valleys Radio, Bridge FM, Radio Cardiff, GTFM and BBC Radio Wales. He was one of the original presenters at Valleys Radio, from the day of the launch. He also collaborates with a range of academic colleagues, most notable Dr Peter Jachimiak and Dr Paul Carr in the production of the popular Loose Goose Radio podcast.

Dr Ruth McElroy
Dr Ruth McElroy is Director of the Creative Industries Research Institute at the University of South Wales, which draws together more than 30 researchers working in art, broadcasting, drama, film, music, photography, and media studies. Ruth lectures in TV Studies, consumer cultures, and media audiences. She is also co-director, with Dr Alice Entwistle, of the Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations.

Dr Philip Mitchell
Dr Philip Mitchell specialises are in international media and journalism studies. Philip’s current research interests are in the media in Wales, European media (film and journalism) and new media.

Jemma Oeppen
Jemma Oeppen is from a fashion marketing background and has primary research interests of marketing applications within the fashion industry. Recent research has focused on the use of co-brand strategies within fashion brands, and celebrity meaning transferred into a branded product. Jemma is also interested in pedagogical research surrounding engagement of millennial consumers and creative business education.

Dr Rebecca Williams
Dr Rebecca Williams researches in the areas of media audiences and fandom, celebrity, place, and on genres such as horror and science-fiction. She is the editor of Torchwood Declassified: Investigating Mainstream Cult Television (I.B. Tauris, 2013) and is currently engaged in research on celebrity in small nations, place in the horror genre, and fan reactions to the ending of television series. She has recently published an edited collection on Torchwood which is the first critical celebration of Torchwood.