Conferences: Dr Peter Hughes Jachimiak

“It’s Not Barry’s Island!” The British Seaside Town and Contested Masculinities in Gavin and Stacey’, a paper given at ''What’s Occurrin’? Gaving and Stacey and the Contemporary Sitcom, University of Glamorgan, 18th September, 2009

“Aargghh!! It’s Art!?!” Sequential Media, Cover Art, and the Glorification of the Allied Soldiers of WWII’, a paper given at 'Men at War: Masculinities, Identities, Cultures’, Callaghan Centre for the Study of Conflict, Power and Empire, Swansea University, 10-11th September 2009

“Days of Future Passed” A 1970s Britain, Economic Downturn and Utopian Futures in Children’s SF Comics’, a paper given at 'Timeframes – Narrative and Sequence in Comics’ Conference, University of Dundee, 28th June, 2009

“Grubby Cherubs”: Coal House, Children and Making Poverty Palatable’, a paper given at Inside Coal House Symposium, Centre for Media and Culture in Small Nations, University of Glamorgan, 3rd June, 2008.

‘Woolly Bears and Toffee Apples’ – The Great War, Our Grandfathers and Growing Up’, a paper given at ‘The First World War and Popular Culture’ Conference, University of Newcastle, 31st March – 2nd April, 2006

‘Girl in a Poppy Field’ – The Brotherhood of Ruralists and Idyllic Representations of Femininity’, a paper given at the 14th Women’s History Network Annual Conference, ‘Women, Art and Culture – Historical Perspectives’, Southampton Solent University, 2nd – 4th September, 2005

‘Putting the Boot In’ – ‘A Clockwork Orange’, Post-’69 Youth Culture and Independent Popular Music’ a paper given at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation’s ‘Anthony Burgess and Modernity – A Symposium’, Manchester Metropolitan University, 7th – 9th July, 2005

‘Hazy Roads, Lazy Fields and Endless Summers’ – Popular Culture, Nostalgia and Post-1945 Masculinities, a paper given at the ‘Identity Matters – Those Shimmering Horizons’ Conference, Liverpool Hope University College, 29th June – 1st July, 2005

‘Scales from the Riverbank’ – British Jazz and the Rural Imagination, a paper given at the ‘Brilliant Corners – Leeds International Jazz Conference’, Leeds College of Music, 11th – 12th March, 2005

‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’ – Middle Managers, Communities and Communication, a paper given at the ‘Media, Communications & Cultural Studies Association, 5th Annual Conference’, University of Sussex, Brighton, 19th – 21st December, 2003

‘Fathering the Organisation’ – Middleness, Middle Managers, Sons and Fathers, a paper given at the ‘Father Figures – Gender and Paternity in the Modern Age’, Liverpool John Moores University, 30th June – 2nd July, 2003.

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