Publications: Dr Philip Mitchell

Books (single/co-authored)

Barlow, D. M., Mitchell, P. and O’Malley, T. (2005) The Media in Wales: Voices of a Small Nation, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Work in edited books

Mitchell, P. and Johnson, S. (forthcoming, 2012) 'In search of access, localness and sustainability: radio in post-devolutionary Wales’, in Hand, R. and Traynor, M. (eds.) Radio in Small Nations, Cardiff: University of Wales Press

Barlow, D. M., Mitchell, P. and O’Malley, T. (2006) ‘The communicative dimension of civil society: media and the public sphere’, in G. Day, D. Dunkerley and A. Thompson (eds) Policy, Politics and People: Civil Society in Wales, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Mitchell, P. (2004) ‘Reappraising Antonio Mercero: film authorship and intuición popular’, in F. Lázaro Reboll and A. Willis (eds) Spanish Popular Cinema, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Refereed journals

Mitchell, P. (forthcoming, 2012) 'Remembering the present: documentary film and the transmission of grief’, Journal of Hispanic Cinemas

Mitchell, P. (2006) ‘Constructing the e-nation: the Internet In Wales.’ Contemporary Wales, 18: 191–201.

Refereed conference papers

Barlow, D., Mitchell, P. and O’Malley, T. (2003). ‘Commercial radio in Wales, 1972–2003: radio and the public sphere’, paper presented to Annual Conference of the Media, Cultural and Communication Studies Association, University of Sussex, 20 December.