Conferences: Dr Rebecca Williams

Conference Papers:


‘Immortal fandom?; The post-object afterlives of Joss Whedon’s television shows’. Keynote to be presented at 7th Biennial Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses, Kingston University, UK, July 2016.

‘‘‘I need to work but…’: Subcultural celebrity, labour and the celebrity/fan in the No Lynch/No Twin Peaks campaign’, Paper to be presented at 3rd International Celebrity Studies Conference: Authenticating Celebrity, University of Amsterdam, June 2016.


‘“Princess Elsa and her 13,000 square foot restroom”: Theme park fandom, replacement and the Disney brand’, Fan Studies Network Conference 2015, University of East Anglia, June 2015.

‘The resurrection of Twin Peaks: Fan identity, ontological security and authorship’, ‘“I’ll See You in 25 Years” The Return of Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult TV’, University of Salford, May 2015.

‘The show from another place: Twin Peaks’ social media afterlife’, SCMS: Society of Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, March 2015


‘Conceptualising ‘localebrity’: Stardom and celebrity in the small nation’, Paper to be presented at Topographies of Popular Culture, University of Tampere, Finland, October 2013.

‘Regeneration & replacement: Doctor Who, character, and post-object fandom’. Paper to be presented at Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity: An Interdisciplinary Conference Celebrating 50 Years of Adventures in Time and Space, University of Hertfordshire, September 2013.

‘Wandering Whitechapel: Place, the past, and the domestic in the Gothic crime drama’, Cops on the Box: Crime Drama on Contemporary UK Television Screens, University of Glamorgan, March 2013.

‘Location, location, location: Exploring celebrity, locality, and identity in the small nation’, Narratives and Social Memory: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, June 2012.

‘Tonight’s the Night with …Captain Jack!: John Barrowman as celebrity/subcultural celebrity/localebrity’’,Alien Nation: A Conference on British Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Television, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, July 2011.

‘Transnational Twilighters: A Twilight fan community in Norway’, with Dr. Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore, 4th Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference, Edinburgh Filmhouse, March 2011.

‘Unlocking The Vampire Diaries: Genre, authorship, and quality in the teen vampire series’, Vegetarians, VILFs and Fang-Bangers: Modern Vampire Romance in Print and on Screen, De Montfort University, Leicester, November 2010.

‘Screening the Nation: Landmark television and the representation of a small bilingual nation’, with Dr. Ruth McElroy, ECREA European Communication Conference, University of Hamburg, October 2010.

‘“Anyone who calls Muse a Twilight band will be shot on sight”: Music, fandom, and distinction in the Twilight franchise’, Popular Music Fandom: A One-Day Symposium, University of Chester, June 2010.

‘Channeling horror: Torchwood, monstrosity and the road to BBC1’, Investigating Torchwood: Texts, Contexts, Audiences, University of Glamorgan, June 2010.

'Portrayal, Nation and Welsh Contemporary Landmark Drama’, with Dr Ruth McElroy, Theorising Wales: Gender, Culture, Politics conference, Gregynog/Swansea University, July 2010

‘Making Sense of the Past? Television history and its participatory audiences’, with Dr Ruth McElroy, Television History conference, University of Lincoln, July 2009

'Press coverage of landmark television and the small nation: Doctor Who, Torchood, and Wales’, “Locating Media” NECS conference, Lund University, Sweden, June 2009

‘Remembering Ourselves, Viewing the Others: participant audiences of historical reality TV’, with Dr Ruth McElroy, Big Reveal: Lifestyle TV conference, University of Brighton, May 2009


“Meeting in a dark alley!” Understanding fan/producer relationships through Bourdieu’s field theory in online Neighbours fandom, MECCSA Postgraduate Conference, University of Sussex, July 2008

‘Pure power, pure pleasure?: Recontextualising fan/object and fan/fan relationships’, MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference, University of the West of England, Bristol, July, 2007

‘Post-object fandom and the demise of The West Wing’, MeCCSA Postgraduate Sharing Experience Conference, Aberystwyth University, April, 2007.

‘The ‘Middlebrow’ in Midsomer: Midsomer Murders and Quality Television’, at MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference, Cardiff University, June 2005.